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Hello world! I am Manolis.

My name is Manolis Ragkousis and I am a 23 years old CS Student from Paros, Greece.

Currently I am a student at the ATEI of Crete, Department of Informatics Engineering in Iraklion. I am interested in working in operating systems, embedded devices and application developement.

I am contributing to the GNU Guix functional package manager for the GNU system. I am working on the “GuixSD on GNU Hurd” port. It started as a GSoC Project and you can check more at the following links.

My PGP key.


I (try to) maintain an online CV at stack overflow careers which you can find here and at Linkedin which you can find here.

Current Occupation

Currently I am working on my thesis in the L4/Fiasco microkernel. The purpose of this thesis is to have L4Linux running concurrently with other applications on top of a L4/Fiasco based system running on the zynq based zedboard, offering security.

If you are a potential employer and you think my skills may be a match for your needs, please email me at :)


Opinions are my own and do not represent any past or current employers.


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